Sports acquisition log book

librarian log book / Claudia Zacchi e Marina Nadalini        
793-795, 796-799   sebina    
  Sebina Amministrazione  
budget automatico globale: in base all'indice di circolazione - periodo gennaio 2003 - marzo 2005 13422      
set budget allocation 2004 - Italian material - all vendors: to be spent by March 2005 2803      
793-795 1287      
796-799 1516      
verify sum year 2004 2803      
available budget        
vendor LS: portafoglio Sebina to be spent by March 2005 to divide by: 1500 2004/sclibr/ 26    
vendor LDM     impegno 2132/1999  
vendor Nanni 0      
oters: Sports Library 3000      
budget allocation 2004- 2005 4500      
year 2004 : strong attention on sport; pay attention to circulation index: in games is it inflated by inventories of attached material??? Look closely at standard deviation as well
added copies   admitted    
new editions   rare    
attention! Look for available manuals & atlas   yes    
items 0 circulation   leave on shelves    
weeding: last date        
commenti : games: up to 3 copies; giochi fino a 3 copie ; increasing interest in farm holydays: all available Italian guides, selection of European; all bicycle trails in the area; guides to Italian mountains and hiking guides to be completed
coverage level 1 2 3 4
Collection Document     X  
very interesting also for non University users        
objective: with this class the Library wants to attract new users: letters to clubs, associations, sport shops... promotional events        
average price 12,29      
adjourned on gg/mm/yyyy        
Topics for further discussion: vendor LS sends too little books for approval; new shelving space is needed (done), develop proposals for mountain (done); outdate books; promotion events        
Work done in 2004: website proposal " what to read, listen and watch for Olympic games"; analysis of holdings by sports disciplines; acquisitions on lacking or weak area Control of presentation and disposition on shelves, DDC correction Control of document with 0 circulation (133 items: 11 lost; 12 attached, 2 on loan, 16 just issued = 92 are at 0 circulation)        
to promote: books on games (done)        
To be improved: loans, monitor browsing, items with circulation =0        
For 2005: update camping guides; lookout for new publishers and new destinations        
For 2005: newallocation to ITBOLBOOK ?