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Italian LIS Bibliography
(Letteratura professionale italiana)

Since 1975, each issue of the «BollettinoAIB» includes a current bibliography of Italian publications (monographs and serials) on library science, bibliography and documentation, as well as on publishing, book history and reading.
The Italian LIS Bibliography, edited by Giulia Visintin, includes works published in Italian, or by Italian authors, or by foreign authors on Italian subjects.

The main serials regularly analysed are: «Accademie e biblioteche d'Italia», «AIB notizie», «AIDA informazioni», «Archivi & computer», «La bibliofilia», «Il bibliotecario», «Biblioteche oggi», «Bollettino AIB», «Bollettino di informazione ABEI», «Bollettino dell'Istituto centrale per la patologia del libro», «Culture del testo», «Giornale della libreria», «Nuovi annali della Scuola speciale per archivisti e bibliotecari», «Rara volumina», «La rivisteria, librinovitÓ», «SBN notizie», «Sfoglialibro».
Single contributions in collective works or in conference proceedings are described. It is also offered notice of the most interesting or critical reviews (Italian and foreign) to the works in the bibliography.

Entries in each issue are arranged in classified order, through an original classification scheme. The old classification scheme was used until 2003; starting from volume 44, number 1, March 2004 of «Bollettino» a new classification scheme was introduced to meet new needs. From 1975 to 1995 an annual author index has been printed.

Since 1993 a cumulative database is supplied, with additions and revisions, under the title BIB: Bibliografia italiana delle biblioteche, del libro e dell'informazione (Italian Bibliography of Libraries, Books, and Information).
BIB is issued with the «Bollettino», on floppy disk - n. 0 (1993-1994), n. 1 (1995) and n. 2 (1996) - and later on CD-ROM - n. 3 (1989-1998) and n. 4 (1980-1999).
From December 2002 a WWW version is available: BIB-WEB, for the years 1992-2001.
A new cumulative database for the years 1971-2003 is in preparation.

BIB offers access by keywords (from titles or whole records), authors, titles (including serials), classes, ISBNs and entry numbers. Searches can be refined by means of the usual logical operators and results printed or saved.

N.B. An Italian version of this page is also available.
Copyright AIB 1997-10-17, last revision 2004-11-11, by Giulia Visintin, Alberto Petrucciani and Anna Galluzzi
URL: http://www.aib.it/aib/boll/lpi-e.htm

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