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Adding value to professional information:
the AIB-WEB example

Dr. Sonia Minetto
Commissione Nazionale Università e Ricerca - AIB
AIB National University and Research Committee


AIB-WEB is the Web site of the Italian Library Association. It could be decribed as an information tool for librarians but the aim of the paper will be demonstrating how the editorial board is working in order to reach wider goals: online professional updating, electronic publishing, debate.

The home page (http://www.aib.it) gives access to the Association activities informing members about conferences and training courses.

Committes, Working groups and Regional branches are able to present their projects keeping in touch with all the associates by e-mail.

Electronic publications, once just e-version of professional journals, are now shifting to tailored information, captured on the Net or e-published, and organized in order to deepen the most important topics connected with the librarian profession. Copyright and library standards are some of the most investigated fields.

The list of Italian and International OPAC, built up by a truly cooperative approach, is regularly updated and represents a useful starting point for bibliographic research.

Legal information, always connected with librarian work development, is particularly monitored: a special resources list is presented including free of charge connections, with help facilities, and hosts descriptions with labels on each database. Evaluations and suggestions on integrating resources opportunities are expressed by law library librarians.

Of course, Library and information science has a leading role within the Web. A rich Information science virtual reference desk is offered to the users, including links to Library and information science associations.

AIB-WEB site contains information about AIB-CUR, not just the librarians mailing list but probably the largest Listserv based mailing list in Italy. This is a dynamic, essential instrument of debate and updating reaching university as well as public librarians. It can be seen as a two-lane motorway sharing information among the members and collecting requests for new goals.

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