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Thanks to IFLA

Mauro Guerrini

The Italian Minister of Culture, the Lombardia Region, the City of Milan, the Italian Library Association (AIB), the Italian Embassy in Seoul, the Italian Cultural Institute in Seoul, and all the Italian library community are proud and happy about this decision. Many thanks to the President and to the IFLA Governing Board.

This is the time that Italy hosts an IFLA Congress.
The first one was in Rome, Florence and Venice in 1929, and it was the first meeting for IFLA.
The second meeting was in Rome in 1964.
Milan 2009 arrives 45 years after that meeting.
We are very happy to support Milan 2009 and we have a lot of support from Italian libraries and librarians.
The Italian library community improved a lot in the last 15 years; we have a new professional generation of librarians and new libraries in many parts of Italy.

Italy is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea; for this reason I would like Italy to be a bridge of democracy, peace, and meeting between people of North Europe, Africa and Middle East, between the East and West Europe.
Milan has an excellent Convention Centre. It is a lively, modern city in the North of Italy; it is a capital for business, fashion, design, and music (everyone knows the Scala Theatre). Milan is also a city of cultural heritage: there are many museums (as Brera Museum, The last supper of Leonardo of Vinci, and the Dom); and there are many libraries: the National Library of Milan, the Ambrosiana Library, the Mediateca di S. Teresa, academic and ecclesiastic libraries, an impressive public library network in the regional area.
In Milan there are 11 universities. The Lombardia Region, where Milan is located as the capital, was a founder of SBN, the Italian Library Network, and many libraries are partner of SBN, and other networks.
The countryside of Milan is marvellous: there are a lot of lakes: Lake Maggiore, Lake Como, Lake Garda. Milan is 2 hours and 30 minutes far by train from Venice, 3 hours from Florence, and 4 hours from Rome.

Last but not least: the Italian hospitality, the food and the wine.

Welcome to Milan in 2009.
Ciao to Milan in 2009.

Mauro Guerrini
Presidente AIB

GUERRINI, Mauro. Thanks to IFLA. «AIB notizie», 18 (2006), n. 7-8, p. 16.

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