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Sponsorship opportunities

[Versione italiana]

The Associazione Italiana Biblioteche is the professional association of Italian librarians. Our members, some 4,000, are mostly librarians and represent most important Italian libraries. AIB is also one of the main publishing houses in library and information science, with a wide range of publications targeted at AIB members and other targets.
Regional Branches, one for every Italian region, allow to reach local realities thanks to training courses, events, conferences and more.

The Associazione Italiana Biblioteche appreciates and recognizes the importance in fostering and maintaining strong relationships with its vendor community. Through participation in our national conference, advertising in our periodicals and other promotional vehicles, organizations can increase their company's profile within the Italian library community.

Mainly sponsorship opportunities are:

After the positive experience of 2008, it's possible to negotiate customized contracts that involve all opportunities available. We have created 3 categories:

All prices are to be charged of 20% VAT

We would like to remind you that it's possibile to receive regularly some commercial information about AIB through the special list APS-EN@aib.it. Please confirm your interest to become part of it writing to [MAIL] <APS@aib.it>.

Advertising is in charge of the Associazione italiana biblioteche. For information and reservation please contact Giovanna Frigimelica tel. 39 06 4463532, fax 39 06 4441139, [MAIL:] <frigimelica@aib.it>.

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