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AIB CILW 2016 Conference. Call for proposals

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AIB Study Group on

Cataloguing, Indexing, Linked Open Data and Semantic Web


Associazione italiana biblioteche – Sezione Lazio

Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Roma


Revamping Information Resources:

Granularity, Interoperability, and Data Integration



Rome, Biblioteca nazionale centrale, October 21, 2016

Call for proposals: Lightning Talks Session

Inside the Web of Data, what kind of convergence is to be implemented among the different cultural institutions that are in charge of the organization and curation of knowledge resources?

Are there sufficiently convergent historical, theoretical, and practical bases to build on and rethink about information strategies?

Which is the current state-of-the-art of the LAM projects (Libraries, Archives, and Museums) and LAMMS (Libraries, Archives, Museums, Monuments and Sites)?

Based on these questions, and possible answers, the AIB-CILW Study Group invites to a Conference where scholars and professionals of the Library and Information Science (LIS) field and related disciplines shall meet and discuss.

Within the Conference there will be a Session open to the contribution of any scholar studying related topics.

Participation in the Session is open to all, through the proposal and selection of the presentation to be submitted.

The presentations will follow ‘lightning talks’ style, and will be brief and incisive theoretical comments or practical demonstrations.


It will be possible to propose presentations, both in Italian and English, that, in relation to the theme of the Conference, present new ideas, insights, patterns, cues, perspectives, critical notes or any other theoretical annotation, or present experiences, realizations, prototypes, projects, reports or any other practical exposure.

The draft title of the Session is The universe of cultural resources: between eurekas and concrete actions.

The main topics to be covered in the Conference are included in the presentation of the topics and objectives, but are not limited to these.

Instructions for submitting lightning talks

The presentations will be held in Italian or English.

The time available for each presentation is of 5 minutes. The moderator, who will stop the presentation in the case it exceeds the duration, will strictly determine this time.

The spirit and purpose of this kind of presentation are those to attract the greatest possible attention and interest of the public, presenting ideas or experiences in a lively and appealing way. For this purpose it is recommended the use of ‘creative’ slides, with short texts, essential strings, icons or slogans.

It is also recommended the use of images, photography, visual examples, graphics, animations and sound effects.

It is recommended, finally, to focus on a single theme, to be exhibited in a few slides, attractively, trying and checking in advance the time required for exposure.

Accepted contributions for the lightning talks session will be limited to 6 proposals.

Instructions for submitting abstracts

Please send abstracts of the proposal for the lightning talk to the email address:

Enter as object: CFP AIB CILW 2016 [surname author/s]

Deadline for submission of abstracts is: June 20, 2016  deadline extended to July 10, 2016

Abstract length should not exceed 2,000 characters (including spaces).

It is also recommended to add to the description images, graphics, animations, and other material that contributes to representing the idea.

Please attach to the abstract a very brief description of the scholar/professional profile of the author/s as well as the contact details necessary for identification.

The selection will be curated by the AIB-CILW Study Group and other participants in the Scientific Committee of the Conference.

Authors will be informed of the acceptance of their proposal, or any changes to be made, within July 31, 2016.

The deadline for receipt of the final abstract will be announced later. The slides must be delivered within the day before the presentation.

Selected authors of lightning talks will be invited to submit a written elaboration of their presentation, which will be considered for publication in the journal AIB studi (n. 1 of 2017).

Dates and deadlines

Proposals submitted within: June 20, 2016 deadline extended to July 10, 2016

Proposals outcome within: July 31, 2016

Submission deadline for final abstract: (date to be announced)

Submission deadline for final slides: October 20, 2016

Lightning talk presentation: October 21, 2016

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