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AIB CILW 2016 Conference

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AIB Study Group on
Cataloguing, Indexing, Linked Open Data and Semantic Web

Associazione Italiana Biblioteche – Sezione Lazio

Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Roma

AIB CILW 2016 Conference

Revamping Information Resources:

Granularity, Interoperability, and Data Integration


Rome, Biblioteca nazionale centrale, October 21, 2016


Inside the Web of Data, what kind of convergence is to be implemented among the different cultural institutions that are in charge of the organization and curation of knowledge resources? Are there sufficiently convergent historical, theoretical, and practical bases to build on and rethink about information strategies? Which is the current state-of-the-art of the LAM projects (Libraries, Archives, and Museums) and LAMMS (Libraries, Archives, Museums, Monuments, and Sites)?
Based on these questions, and possible answers, the AIB-CILW Study Group invites to a Conference where scholars and professionals of the Library and Information Science (LIS) field and related disciplines shall meet and discuss on following topics.


The technological changes we are witnessing to, the growing information overflow we contribute to produce, and the ever smaller funding to sustain cultural institutions, are strongly limiting the management and curation of information resources. The risk to underinvest in information and knowledge resources that should be at the core of our attention towards people and society, is very high.
Nonetheless, business and technology means can be directed towards the creation of new chances for the revamping of information resources that meet the growing development and needs of the information society. Two of the priorities of this new course are cooperation and convergence of tools and intents among cultural institutions.
Despite the differences between administrations, cultural institutions that manage and mediate knowledge resources are implicitly coping with similar problems due to the ‘digital convergence’, for example when they curate their collections (while describing, cataloguing, metadating, indexing, disseminating, preserving them for access). Moreover, the goal they pursue has always been the same: to offer a service and to enhance culture and knowledge for the benefit of individuals and society as a whole.
In this respect, Semantic Web and Linked Open Data (LOD) have been acclaimed as long-waited solutions to the issues raised by projects of cooperative management of resources, and open up new hope for an actual integration among data of any type and provenance.

Aims and objectives

First of all, the AIB CILW 2016 Conference would like to put together experiences, research, and studies about theoretical, methodological, professional innovations in the fields of LAM and LAMMS, with particular focus on technologies and projects based on LOD and Semantic Web.
The Conference is structured in three Sessions.
In the first Session, the organizers would like to focus on a thorough theoretical and innovative reflection on the convergence of information resources through the linked data, in order to clarify the foundations of the main theme of the Seminar, through the voice of prominent invited speakers.
The second Session, organized through a call for proposals, will be structured as a series of ‘lightening talks’, that will give opportunity to any scholar to disseminate ideas and experiences on the topics of the Conference.
In the third Session, with other prominent invited speakers, advanced projects and experiences will be presented, that can exemplify potential applications of LOD and Semantic Web.
The Conference shall also be a chance to consolidate interdisciplinary contacts among scholars and professionals to exchange results of their experiences, at international level (papers will be accepted both in Italian and English language).
The overall aim is to create new ways of discussion and organization, whereas theoretical, historical, practical, professional, cultural, social, and interdisciplinary aspects come close together and promote cooperative projects to the benefit of actual cultural information needs.

Conference Sessions

First Session

From OPACs to Semantic Web browsing: history, theory, and practice of convergent information highways

Second Session (lightning talks)

The universe of cultural resources: between eurekas and concrete actions

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Third Session

Linked Open Data and Semantic Web: existing projects and experiences of convergence

Conference programme

The Conference will be mainly in Italian. Registration is closed 

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