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Introduction & welcome

By EBLIDA President, Klaus-Peter Böttger (Germany) and NAPLE-forum Chair, Maria-Antonia Carrato-Mena (Spain)

Klaus-Peter Böttger

Maria Carrato Mena

At the 20th EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference in Copenhagen (Denmark) one year ago, the European Campaign for eBooks in Libraries was launched.
A year from now, elections will take place all over Europe to renew the Members of the European Parliament, and the European Commission representatives will change.
Ahead of these events, we should take this opportunity to increase our campaign to raise awareness about the needs of libraries for a brighter future both in the physical and digital environment.
The Conference on Wednesday the 15th of May will address the issue of e-services in libraries and how European thinking can be transferred into local actions.
Libraries all over Europe demonstrate the ability to create and ensure attractive services. National libraries make digitised collections available through online services. University libraries deliver access to e-resources to their students while Public libraries provide access to a broad range of online resources and continue the fight to acquire the right to make eBooks available to their patrons just as they are used with printed books and other media. However, these questions continue to be challenged by national borders and real European accessibility is missing.
Together with you while keeping in mind the eBooks campaign as a symbol to raise awareness towards politicians and the public, we will spend the day exchanging ideas, discussing potential solutions, improvement and building a utopia that should come true.
The conference is taking place in Milan. In praxis the conference is organised by the Italian Library Association AIB together with EBLIDA and NAPLE-forum with the support of the City of Milan.

Welcome to Milan in May.


By AIB President, Stefano Parise

parise_aib_presidentAdvisor for Cultural Affairs of Milan Municipality, Mr Filippo Del Corno,
President of EBLIDA, Mr Klaus-Peter Böttger
Chair of NAPLE forum, Mrs. Maria Antonia Carrato-Mena,
President of Cultural Affairs Council of Milan, Mrs. Paola Bocci

Delegates and friends,

On behalf of the Italian Libraries Association and whole community of Italian librarians, I’m very proud to welcome you all in Milan for the 21st EBLIDA-NAPLE annual conference.

It’s a great honour for us to host this international conference that is a great opportunity to discuss some of the main topics for libraries today, such as electronic reading and access knowledge through ebooks with a professionally qualified audience coming from 20 european countries.
The digital revolution that is reshaping the book as an object will deeply transform both the relationship between readers and texts as well as the function and role of library services in the world.
Libraries are changing from services based on physical collections locally owned, to gateways to knowledge located in a digital dimension. This dimension is not the realm of freedom dreamt by pioneers of the web but a vale of tears ruled by the ruthless law of business, where dominant subjects dictate rules to everybody.
Never before could libraries play a relevant and crucial role in helping people to get advantage from the richness of knowledge and information that is surrounding us and in which everyone is totally immersed and enveloped.
But never before have libraries been dangerously near the border between the playfield of access to knowledge and the terraces where spectators stand.
This threatening prospect isn’t concerning individual country or region nor merely a single category of libraries. This is the dark side of the glittering opportunities opened by the global interconnection.
To answer to the challenge of preserving the role of library services in the digital environment, the european library community, which is meeting today in Milan, must be able to build a strategy starting from the recognition of the vital role in the cultural and civic growth of our societies played by libraries.
Such a function is not only about librarians and their relations with publishers, but it is part of a general strategy over the future of European culture and civilization.
The Eblida position paper “Key Principles on the acquisition of and access to Ebooks by libraries” is a valuable starting point for today discussion and later on.
The AIB and the organizers of this Conference welcome you cordially and wish you an interesting meeting and a special experience. I’m sure that the conference will be full success.

Welcome to Italy, welcome to Milan!

Stefano Parise
President of Italian Libraries Association


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