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EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference Programme (15 May)

“Ready? Read ‘e’. E-services in Libraries, from European thinking to local Actions”

EBLIDA-NAPLE 21st Annual Conference, Milan, Palazzo Reale, 15th May 2013.


Online registration


08.30     Registration

09.30     Advisor for Cultural Affairs of Milan Municipality, Mr. Filippo Del Corno

09.35     Official welcome by Italy as host, Mr. Stefano Parise, President, AIB

09.40     Ms. Maria Antonia Carrato Mena, President, NAPLE Forum-Board


10.00 – 12.30      Session 1 – Ready? Read ‘e’. E-services in libraries

10.00     Introduction to the overall day, Mr. Klaus-Peter Böttger, EBLIDA president

10.15     State of play of EBLIDA eBooks campaign, Gerald Leitner, EBLIDA chair of the eBooks task force

10:30     Keynote Speech 1, Mrs. Androulla Vassiliou, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth

10:35     Keynote Speech 2, Mr. Luigi Berlinguer, Member of EU Parliament


10:50     Coffee break


11.20     Introduction to the theme by the Day theme-keeper, Gino Roncaglia (Senior Research Fellow at Tuscia University, Viterbo, Italy)

11.40     Panel Discussion on eBooks and e-services in libraries: developing legal offer for European citizens with Luigi Berlinguer, Gino Roncaglia, Maria Heijne (NAPLE forum), Gerald Leitner and Klaus-Peter Böttger.

Moderator: Bas Savenije, Director of the National Library of the Netherlands


12.30     Lunch – compliments of the host country


13.45 – 15.00      Session 2 – From European Thinking to local actions

3 interactive breakout sessions of 75 minutes held at the same time.
All sessions are sold out

The Spirit of Europe in international Forum (sold out)


Speaker: Vincent Bonnet

EBLIDA director
Moderator: Aldo Pirola, EBLIDA EC

Summary: While EBLIDA campaigns at the European level for legal certainty for libraries in the digital environment, discussions are taking place at WIPO where IFLA proposes a draft Treaty for libraries.
Both EBLIDA and IFLA are dealing with the challenges of access to e-content, eBooks and legal questions related to the digital environment for libraries. These issues are interconnected. Vincent Bonnet will discuss this multi faceted problem, inspiring his audience in this 15 to 20 minute session to engage in active participation. The session will be moderated by Aldo Pirola.

Actions in Europe (sold out)

Speaker: Luca Bergamo

Secretary General of Culture Action Europe

Moderator: Hella Klauser, EBLIDA EGCIS

Summary: Luca Bergamo will elaborate on the European Agenda with a special focus on Creative Europe (the new programme for Culture 2014-2020), how to benefit from this programme and how to act in concrete terms.
Luca will also show the role of Culture Action Europe on a political level and the importance of federating associations, libraries, people over projects in order to gain visibility from the European Institutions.
His 15 to 20 minute speech will inspire the audience to engage in an active session moderated by Hella Klauser

Local is critical (sold out)

Speaker: Nathalie Vallet

Prof. University of Antwerpen, Belgium

Moderator: Jan Braeckman, NAPLE forum

Summary: Nathalie Vallet will report on the results of a research project realised in 5 Flemish and 4 Dutch public libraries. The collected data reveals the existence of one generic strategic role and three more specific strategic roles (i.e. urban landmark, area-oriented herald and/or target group patron). Each strategic profile has specific implications for choices made concerning content- and process-related policy issues within the public libraries. The presentation identifies, depicts and illustrates the nature of these policy issues and as such alternative partnerships.
Her speech will inspire the audience to engage in an active session moderated by Jan Braeckman (NAPLE) with the idea to apply Nathalie Vallet’s findings to e-services in public libraries.


15.00     Coffee break


15.30 – 16.30      Session 3 – What’s next?

15.30     Plenum reports from each workshop by the moderators

16.00     Wrap-up by Gino Roncaglia

16.20     Conclusion and next steps by EBLIDA President

16.30     End of conference – see you tonight by Mr. Stefano Parise, President AIB.

Please note that programme is subject to change

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