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I testi di canzoni che citano le biblioteche

  • Tori Amos

    TALES OF A LIBRARIAN: A Tori Amos Collection (Bonus DVD) di Tori Amos (pubblicato il 13 novembre 2003)
    Nell'album è citata per esteso la CDD, con tanto di copyright OCLC e riferimenti biografici a Melvil Dewey. Ogni canzone è inserita al suo posto all'interno della CDD (della quale vengono riprodotte per intero le due tavole principali), con una breve spiegazione. Nelle note si ringrazia la "reference librarian" Nicki Maxwell. La "librarian" Tori è ritratta in varie pose, tra cui quella della copertina, visibile a
    [RR, RZ]

  • Jimmy Buffet

    Love in the Library, dall'album FRUITCAKES del 1994
    Once upon a time
    She gathered her books, walked
    while she read
    Words never spoken, but so
    much was said
    You can read all you want into
    this rendezvous
    But it's safer than most things
    that lovers can do
    Well stories have endings,
    fantasies fade
    And the guard by the door starts
    drawing the shade
    So write your own ending and
    hope it comes true
    For the lovers and strangers
    on Bay Avenue


  • John Cale

    Testo della canzone "Hedda Gabler" di John Cale, tratta dall'EP ANIMAL JUSTICE (1977):
    Hedda Gabler
    Had a very funny face
    Tired of waiting
    Tired of the human race
    Like her brother
    Sitting in the library
    Reading how dear Adolph
    Was going to save all Germany
    Hedda Gabler
    She'll go down in history
    Hedda Gabler
    Down in all her misery
    Like her mother
    Married to the bank manager
    She took the money
    Hung him in the closet for fun
    Hedda Gabler
    She'll go down in history
    Hedda Gabler
    Down in all her misery
    Hedda Gabler
    She'll go down in history
    Hedda Gabler
    Down in all her misery
    Sleep... sleep.... sleep, Hedda Gabler
    Sleep... sleep.... sleep, Hedda Gabler
    Sleep... sleep.... sleep, Hedda Gabler
    Sleep... sleep.... sleep, Hedda Gabler
    Sleep... sleep.... sleep, Hedda Gabler
    Sleep... sleep.... sleep, Hedda Gabler


  • Adriano Celentano

    Dall'album di Adriano Celentano ESCO DI RADO E PARLO ANCORA MENO (2000) la canzone Io sono un uomo libero scritta appositamente per Celentano da Ivano Fossati, che include questi versi:
    "Qui tutti parlano e parlano
    o peggio scrivono e scrivono
    per cultura universale
    o biblioteca comunale"

    La canzone è presente, nella versione dell'autore, anche nell'ultimo album di Fossati LAMPO VIAGGIATORE (2003).

  • Green Day

    Dall'album 1,039/SMOOTHED OUT SLAPPY HOURS (1992), il brano At the library dei Green Day racconta di un amore infelice in biblioteca.
    Testo disponibile all'URL: http://www.stormpages.com/lyrics/text/1039.html#1:
    1: At The Library
    Hey there lookin' at me..
    Tell me what do you see...
    But you quickly turn your head away...
    Try to find the words I could use,
    don't have the courage to come up to you.
    My chance is looking a bit grey...
    Starting across the room: are you leaving soon?
    I just need a little time...
    What is that drives me mad!?
    Girls like you that I never had!
    What is it about you that I adore?
    What makes me go so insane
    That makes me feel so much pain?
    What is it about you that I adore?
    Why did you have to leave so soon?
    Why did you have to walk away?
    Oh, well, it happened again..
    She walked away with her boyfriend
    Maybe we'll meet again someday...


  • Hefner

    Dal sito ufficiale del gruppo rock inglese Hefner il testo della loro canzone The Librarian dall'album BREAKING GOD'S HEART (1998):
    He started to woo her in a most peculiar way,
    The Librarian's dress was a fawnish shade of grey,
    The books he was to borrow he would surely never read,
    They were of an intellectual calibre, he hoped that she would see.
    He planned to take her home to bed some day,
    He'd smooth her goosebumped skin whilst she lay,
    But the unspoken truth they both knew,
    Whilst he'd dream of her often she would forget in just ten minutes.
    Her beauty has not truly been seen til her beauty's
    been seen by his tired eyes,
    Her tears have not truly been dried til her tears have
    been dried on his tattered shirt sleeves.
    Her body has not truly been stripped til her clothes
    have been ripped by his nail bitten fingers,
    Her beauty has not truly been seen til her beauty's
    been seen by his tired eyes.
    He was beginning to irritate so she made him go away,
    The smallest cruellest insults she ignored his subtle ways.
    The deftly silence let him know his efforts were in vain,
    Did the thoughts ever exist and if so could he find them.
    (and oh, oh the loneliest of nights,
    he will never hold her tight,
    he will never kiss her eyelids.)

  • [RR]

  • Joe Henry

    Nella canzone "Lighthouse", tratta dall'album TINY VOICES (2003) del cantautore americano Joe Henry, c'è un riferimento a "the siren on top of the library wall".
    The siren on top
    Of the library wall,
    The stairs that give way
    At the end of the hall;
    The pawnshop pavilion,
    The newspaper saloon,
    All burn in your wake
    And light up the room


  • The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy (alias The Jazz Butcher, alias mister Pat Fish più collaboratori assortiti e mutevoli)
  • Dall'album: DISTRESSED GENTLEFOLK (1986), il brano South America
    Commento di Pat Fish: "the first song I ever wrote. Shows, doesn't it?" (medesima fonte)
    Ed ecco il testo:
    Oh no, oh me
    Shame and sorrow in the library
    Venezuela, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay
    Chile and El Salvador, Columbia and Ecuador
    Panama, Guyana too Nicaragua and Peru
    But Bolivia's the one we really rate
    'Coz you can eat your dinner by the river plate
    South America
    Muggers, spiders and parasites
    Crawl about the streets
    So late at night
    Eat it up now, don't be slow
    We go where those pygmies go
    In and out of the tropical basin
    Everything is quite amazing
    There are English men and there are Spanish priests
    Spiders, snakes and other beasts
    In Ecuador, Paraguay, Surinam and Uruguay
    A message!
    South America is getting me down it's a man's life in South America (x2)
    If the muggers don't get you then the spiders will (x2) South America is getting me down it's a man's life in South America


  • Manic Street Preachers

    Dal libretto del loro album EVERYTHING MUST GO (1996), un estratto dal testo di A Design for Life (Libraries Gave Us Power):
    libraries gave us power
    then work came and made us free
    what price now for a shallow piece of dignity

  • [SM]

  • Nine Horses

    Nell'album SNOW BORNE SORROW dei Nine Horses (estemporaneo progetto di David sylvian, Steve Jansen and Burnt Friedman) il brano conclusivo, lungo 9 minuti, si intitola The Librarian.

    Keep you head down
    Keep you head down
    While they're firing low
    You're too young child
    To know the difference
    Oh my pretty
    Oh my sweet girl
    It's a marvelous place
    They put weights down
    In your coat tails to burn you out
    Lest you fly
    Lest you take off
    And show whomever what's what.
    It's one outrageous lie after another
    Turn their lights out
    Change the channel
    Before we lose the heart
    To fight against belief in what they're saying
    There's a hotel
    With a dark room
    At the end of a corridor
    I will meet you
    To the strains of Allah
    We will lie back
    On a pillow of the whitest snow
    And the silence we were promised
    Will engulf us
    Lay your head down
    Keep your head down
    While they're firing low
    You're too young child
    You're too young child
    We will wake up
    From the dreams that bury us
    We will tunnel our way out
    By moonlight
    From the dark room
    To the white streets and the snow banks
    We'll invest in one another's future
    Oh my pretty
    Oh my sweet girl
    It's a marvelous place
    She designed it
    With escape routes
    For you and me
    So to the library
    With your new card
    Grab your favorite books
    Look for blueprints
    To the strains of Allah
    Here we gos.
    Benevolence is in back
    Of everyplace you look
    It's not a monstrous face she is hiding
    If I see her
    I will tell you
    You'll come quickly
    If you see her
    Don't hesitate just go
    But til then
    Keep your head down
    Keep your head down
    While they're firing low
    You're too young child
    You're too young child
    You're too young child
    Here we gos


  • Piano Magic

    Dall'album LOW BIRTH WEIGHT (1999):
    --- I Am the Sublibrarian
    I am the sub-librarian,/ come in on the council bus,/ Chalk Farm to Highgate Woods,/ sportbags of borrowed books./ A steady diet of Brautigan,/ "Tapestry" on the walkman,/ paranormal ill health/ from dusting off the top shelf./ I am the sub-librarian,/ counter-girl, tea-maker./ I am the sub-librarian,/ swan feeder, spectacle breaker,/ I am the sub-librarian.

  • [RR]

    Dall'album ARTISTS' RIFLES (2000):
    --- No Closure
    On the forecourts of French libraries/ from Reignac to Marseilles,/ the rain rattles small cars,/ clouds drape over backseats/ [...]/ drowning at the knees,/ some burnt to their fingertips,/ book-marking the rain/ [...]
    --- The Index
    Paris, she bleeds night into her cup/ as you index the birds/ and label them up/ [...]
    --- Password
    My password is a dead aunt's name,/ a monument, a testament/ My password is a dead aunt's name,/ a cenothaph, a shallow grave/ I' thirty one and fading fast/ Forget the past, repeat the past/ I' thirty two and fading fast/ A started last and I finished last

    Dalla raccolta SEASONALLY AFFECTIVE (2001):
    --- French Mittens (single, 1998) (Words - GA Johnson)
    England's dreaming, Winter absent/I take my books back, change my/ accent/First in the library/You queue/ up behind me, frost-bitten in French mittens/Take care on the/ corner/Sliding on white grass/I catch up with/ your shadow but you're walking too fast

    Ancora dalla raccolta SEASONALLY AFFECTIVE (2001):
    --- Sketch for Joanne (from VRPO Radio 5 Xmas Compilation, December 1999)
    Joanne comes around with a radio and absinthe/We start the afternoon with Polish Xmas songs on shortwave/She laughs as we burn the first shot, the green flame/I love Joanne/We've been friends for 12 years/We used to be lovers but now a hug can be just a hug/I followed her from Derbyshire to London/She's the sub-librarian, the swan feeder, spectacle breaker/I wanted to buy her a bicycle this Xmas but she said it was too much/She can close me down like I let no-one else do/We watch the green flame in the window and it somehow makes me think of Amsterdam or Paris - rain beneath canal bridges in neon cafe light/The phone rings but it's not for me/The answering machine catches it and holds it and holds it and holds it
    --- Amongst the books, an angel (single, September 1999)
    Amongst the books, an angel I've not met and time hasn't touched her yet/From A to M to Z she swans, as if avoiding bed/Pigtails instead of wings/I strung her harp with my heart strings/And I would ask this Spring for her if I knew what the right words were

  • Alan Stivell

    Dall'album LIVE IN DUBLIN (1975):
    --- Délivrance.
    Voici venu le temps de délivrance/ Loin de nous toute idée de vengeance./ Nous garderons notre amitié avec le peuple de France/ Mais nous abattrons les murailles honteuses/ qui nous empêchent de regarder la mer/ Les miradors qui nous interdisent nos plus proches frères/ de Galles, d'Ecosse, d'Irlande./ Et nous, dont le nom est connu des goëlands et des cormorans,/ fut banni de tous les langages humains,/ de toutes les bibliothèques, de toutes les cartes terrestres.

  • Waterboys

    Dall'album UNIVERSAL HALL (2003):
    --- Universal Hall.
    In this library I could lose myself transports, gateways on every shelf dark words, bright words of ice and fire as if an angel did descend and use the writer as a pen

  • Meredith Wilson

    Una famosa commedia musicale di Meredith Wilson ha tra i protagonisti una bibliotecaria di nome Marian. Ad essa è dedicata una delle canzoni più celebri Marian the Librarian il cui testo è:
    Marian, The Librarian
    Marian, Madam Librarian
    What can I do, my dear, to catch your ear?
    I love you madly, madly, madam librarian, Marian
    Heaven help us, if the library caught on fire
    And the volunteer hose brigade men
    Had to whisper the news to Marian
    Madam Librarian
    What can I do, my dear, to make it clear?
    I need you badly, badly, madam librarian, Marian
    If I stumbled and I busted my whatchamacallit
    I could lie on your floor unnoticed
    Till my body had turned to carrion
    Madam Librarain
    Now in the moonlight a man could sing it
    In the moonlight...
    And a fella would know that his darlin'
    Had heard every word of his song
    With the moonlight helping along
    But when I try in here to tell you dear
    I love you madly, madly, madam librarian, Marian
    It's a long lost cause, I can never win
    For the civilized world accepts as unforgivable sin
    Any talking out loud with any librarian
    Such as Marian, Madam Librarian

    Il brano è stato riarrangiato anche in chiave jazz; tra esse una performance famosa del clarinettista Jimmy Giuffre : 2887 Marian The Librarian -1 Atlantic 1276 Coastal Studios, NYC, December 31, 1957 Bernie Glow, Phil Sunkel, Joe Wilder (tp), Giuffre (cl -1, ts -2, bari -3, arr), Al Cohn, Ed Wasserman (ts), Sol Schlinger (bari), Wendell Marshall (b), Ed Shaughnessy (d).

  • Sono state accolte segnalazioni e suggerimenti di: Valeria Ceffa, Roberto D'Agostino, Gabriele Lunati, Stefania Manzi, Carlo Paravano, Mariateresa Pesenti, Michele Santoro, Norman D. Stevens, Roberto Zappa.
    Le indicazioni poste tra parentesi quadre alla fine di ogni elemento del repertorio si riferiscono alla fonte dalla quale la notizia e la descrizione sono state ricavate. Le sigle indicano i membri della redazione o le segnalazioni esterne: [GL] Gabriele Lunati, [MP] Mariateresa Pesenti, [RR] Riccardo Ridi, [RZ] Roberto Zappa.

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