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ENTRY FORM download, fill and send with video to acortodilibri[at]gmail.com by April 28th 2019


Title of film______________________________________________________

Director(s) ______________________________________________________

Story and screenplay author(s) ______________________________________


Technical details (devices, materials, etc.): _____________________________


Running time (min:sec) _________________ Year completed _____________

Past contests (if any) ______________________________________________

Other relevant information ______________________________________________________


Name and surname _____________________________________________________

Address, City, Country _________________________________________________________


Phone __________________________ Email ______________


Other relevant information _________________________________________

By signing this document:

I declare that: I have read and accepted the competition rules “A short of books ”; to use music, images and videos from the public own or authorized domain or production; I have the release form (which I send you as an attachment to the application form) for take pictures of children or minors; I authorize the processing of personal data limited to the purposes of the aforementioned competition, pursuant to DLGS n. 196/2003 and the European Regulation 2016/679 Data Protection (GDPR). I declare to release the video with CC-BY4.0 license

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