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Subject indexing of non-book resources

International Conference

February 6th, 2023

Roma, Aula Odeion, Sapienza Università di Roma

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Sistema Bibliotecario Sapienza

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AIB CILW group and ISKO Italy, in collaboration with the library services (SBS) of Sapienza University of Rome,
organize the international conference Look beyond: Subject indexing of non-book resources.


Non-book resources (maps, images, music, audio-video etc.) are an important challenge for those dealing with subject indexing and knowledge organization (KO). To enhance access and usage of the subject content of such resources, practices of conceptual analysis for each resource type need to be shared. At the same time, we need to make possible the creation and management of indexing tools that allow for interoperability of cataloguing practices and meet user needs in searching and navigating, both within catalogues and out of them.

The spread of the Semantic Web, discovery tools and union catalogues has radically changed the way catalogues and access are implemented. Current debate about cataloguing practices is rich in proposal and stimulations for the library and information community at both national and international levels. This conference then aims at presenting and sharing practices, proposals and tools as well as reflecting about the improvement of access for an increasingly various community of users, who are changing their search habits so fast that traditional catalogue tools can hardly match them.

Scientific Committee

Paul Gabriele Weston, Lucia Sardo, Claudio Gnoli, Carlo Bianchini, Francesca Cappelli, Silvia Dessì, Agnese Galeffi, Andrea Marchitelli, Alessandra Moi, Elisabetta Viti

The conference

The conference spans one day, to which national and international experts in the field have been invited, who will give talks concerning subject indexing and classification.

Languages will be English and Italian.

Programme [Abstract]

9.00-9.30 Registration

9.30-10.00 Welcome address

10.00-13.30 Morning session – chair: Agnese Galeffi

Athena Salaba (IFLA-ISKO), Keynote speech [Recording | Slide deck ]

Claudio Gnoli (Università di Pavia), The curtain of Broni: knowledge organization beyond books [Recording | Slide deck]

Michela Grossi (Conservatorio L. D’Annunzio – Pescara), Roberta Schiavone (Conservatorio di Musica J. Tomadini – Udine), Beyond the score: indexing notated music for performance [Recording | Slide deck]

Projects and experiences

Tiziana Possemato (Share family community), Strings and their semantics: the treatment of subjects in entity modelling processes [Recording | Slide deck]

Valentina Atturo (ICCU), Subject indexing in the ICCU Alphabetica portal [Recording | Slide deck]

Lorenzo Gobbo, Automatic subject indexing: testing of Annif software for the Italian language [Recording | Slide deck]

Elisa Tosi Brandi (AMS Università di Bologna. Campus di Ravenna), Classifying the heterogeneous cultural heritage of fashion [Recording | Slide deck]

Vincenzo Maltese (Università di Trento), ‘Cataloguing’ experts by competences: the Digital University project [Recording | Slide deck]

Andrea Marchitelli (EBSCO), Bibliograph: Open data and BIBFRAME [Recording]

Alessandra Moi (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca), Andrea Marchitelli (EBSCO), Carlo Bianchini (Università di Pavia), Author tagging: potential and limits of keywords in professional scientific production [Recording | Slide deck]

13.30-14.30 Lunch break

14.30-18.00 Afternoon session – chair: Lucia Sardo

Margherita Naim (KHI Florenz), Subject indexing of the photographic image: proposals and models

Anna Lucarelli – Elisabetta Viti (BNCF), Between textuality and iconology: insights into subject indexing of maps [Recording | Slide deck]

Antonella Fischetti (ICBSA), Navigating in an ocean of content: subject indexing of sound and audiovisual resources at ICBSA [Recording]

Projects and experiences

Ignazio Pirronitto (Catalogatore presso le Reti Bibliotecarie Cobire e SDIAF), Subject indexing of normative acts [Recording | Slide deck]

Rosa Inês de Novais Cordeiro (Universidade Federal Fluminense – UFF), Film analysis and indexing: reports of research results

Gislene Rodrigues da Silva, Célia da Consolação Dias (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais – UFMG), Product image content representation model for electronic commerce: MRCIP [Recording | Slide deck]

Mara Sorrentino (Biblioteca civica Gambalunga – Rimini), From the local thesaurus to the Nuovo Soggettario: indexing by subject of photographs and postcards at the Biblioteca civica Gambalunga in Rimini [Recording | Slide deck]

Search and navigation features of the new Biblioteche Oggi Trends platform, by the  Biblioteche Oggi Trends editorial team [Recording]

Paul Gabriele Weston (Scuola vaticana di biblioteconomia), Closing remarks [Slide deck]


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